Pissed off. Pissed off. Pissed off.


Okay. So I was watching an episode of Love Request featuring Infinite. It was the usual adorable, heartwarming type of story about one family that was struggling financially, and how the Infinite oppa’s helped out for one day by cooking and miraculously changed the family’s lives through one broadcast. Sarcasm on an all-time high here. Okay so it’s not like I have a problem with the show or it’s concept, but it’s one comment from the MC that had me incredibly annoyed. So they were discussing in the studio about the issue, and out of nowhere, this self-righteous, masochistic MC, with this fake sympathetic smile on his hideous face says,

“And it’s not like they have a son to help out at home”

And I don’t care how insulting I’m being because HELLO! He just disrespected every female out there by suggesting that only males can support a family financially. He pretty much completely ignored the earlier conversation about how hard the grandmother had worked to earn money for her orphaned grandchildren, and practically slapped the whole situation in the face. HE should have been the one slapped instead. And it’s not just one instance I’m talking about here. I’ve been hearing or coming across these sorts of things today repetitively (and it didn’t help that Abbott showed up on the news again for another stupid stunt).

Incident 1: I was looking at my Twitter feed and there was a Sydney Morning Herald article about the Beta Woman. I retweeted it, and almost instantly some douche decides to be all snarky about it. He replied (and I know it was a He because of his profile) ‘Flower Power FTW!’ and I was a little bit suspicious about the comment but decided not to jump to conclusions by replying ‘Ahah yep! Female power is underestimated’. And then he wrote something which really pushed my buttons.

‘Yeah they can make so many sandwiches when guys ask them to ;)’

At first, I was amazed that people still used that cliche sandwiches example, and then I was fuming internally, but I decided not to engage further with this twat, and instead ignored the comment and kept scrolling.

Incident 2: I was reading an article about women’s conference talks, and after that I was looking at the comments below it. Bormania_56 said ‘What a f*cking waste of time and money. too much attention for a lame chick meet up’. Needless to say, the comment had received many down-votes, but more than that, it had received no replies. I thought about replying, but chickened out. I hated writing to people who’d never change their views and opinions, and honestly, this person seemed like one of those.

So these three incidents cumulatively have succeeded in making me rather PISSED OFF, and I will now take my leave hoping that I find something that will put a smile on my face.


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