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Oh look I have an opinion again!

I have one word for this Baekhyun/Taeyon thing – STTAAAAAGGGEEDDDDDD~

Unless you’ve been living under a rock/ don’t care about South Korea’s entertainment gossip – you know that EXO’s Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyon have announced that they’re dating. Of course EXO fans went batshit and it got trending on twitter (@14Tanaya anyone?) but I honestly didn’t care much until I read this interview thing.

In it the basic facts of how the two came about was explained – and I read cause obviously I didn’t have assignments or more productive things to do.

Turns out – they’ve been going out for four months, and no-one, including the notoriously FBI like EXO fandom, noticed. Speculation and a couple of matching accessories on Instagram was all the fans had to go on, so it wasn’t much of a big deal. Out of nowhere [just as GOT7 and B2ST from JYP Ent and Cube Ent are making a comeback, mind you] SM announces that they’re the hot new thang.

As if that whole Kris thing wasn’t an attention grabber for SM earlier this year anyway.

Their stocks, surprise surprise, rocketed – and I am yet to believe that this wasn’t an elaborate marketing strategy. SM might as well have held up a sign going “HERE HERE WE’RE HERE!!!” and paraded around the streets of Seoul. All I can say is; I admire SM’s PR team. They’re working their asses off for some great strategies and excellent attention grabbing has resulted. Hats off to those group of people who sat around a table dosed on caffeine and thought up of these things.

And I’m not even jumping to conclusions here [as I tend to whoops]. A bunch of people think the same way – this went way too smoothly for everyone who could have profited from it, plus the show that Chanyeol from EXO is starring on (Roommate) was starting to drop in ratings. Now that Baekhyun’s been mentioned as a guest for one of the upcoming episodes, citizens will eagerly be tuning in to check out their interactions and for possible further mentions of the ‘scandal’ [yes, it’s in quotes].

Another little fact – both Baekhyun and Taeyon even confirmed that they have a fucking couple name for themselves. SM sold this couple with a readymade bloody ship name attached. [I’ve forgotten what it is]

And before I get hate (hah! like I’d ever avoid it on the internet of all places) I know real people are involved in this. Their affections and feelings for each other may well be completely real, and they might be hurt reading this article and other cynical interpretations of what SM has fed us – but hey! It’s unlikely to happen that they’ll find this anyway. So – not sorry.

I’ll go off before I wave this opinion in your faces like a red flag. And omg PLEASE keep in mind that this is ALL just a thought. A THOUGHT. Not the truth. Probably.

But on a side note – HOW WELL DID SM’S STRATEGY WORK?! They got me, a non EXO fan, to pay attention to and even write something about their company. Kudos to you again, SM.